Fiberglass Doors

Why Fiberglass Doors ?

1.Surface Texture
Grain Types

With the options of choosing between oak grain, mahogany grain & smooth finish, our fiberglass doors provide an authentic wood finish look while maintaining the advantages of a fiberglass door. This fiberglass door material prevents denting unlike traditional steel doors.

Mahogany Grain Oak grain Smooth
  • Perimeter Composite (PVC) Rails
    Our fiberglass doors have composite (PVC) rails surrounding the entire perimeter of the panel making them 100% waterproof.
  • Full Length LVL Rails
    Full length LVL rails along both long edges give our fiberglass doors a solid frame structure to prevent warping and resist "thermal bow". LVL is the strongest engineered lumber available.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Frame
    Our fiberglass door frames are made of a high density composite material, exhibiting exceptional stability and interfacial bond strength. Further supported with an imbedded full length u - shape carbon fibre reinforcement, our doors resist any flex that may be caused by changing temperatures of the Canadian climate.
3.Energy Efficiency
  • High Density (CFC Free) Polyurethane Foam
    The core of our fiberglass doors are made of a high - density CFC free polyurethane foam, providing six times the insulation of a traditional wood door.
4.Stain options

Our woodgrain fiberglass doors can be configured with the following stain options.

Light Oak Golden Oak Mahogany Chestnut Cherry Walnut Barley Driftwood Espresso
5.Paint options

Our woodgrain and smooth fiberglass doors can be configured with the following paint options.